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      集裝箱活動板房不同材質的區別和注意事項來源:http://www.allmuro.com   時間:2022-04-19
      Considering that the affordability of different users for the price is actually very different, which is the case in all walks of life, so for the container room movable board room, its manufacturing process and materials are different, just to adapt to more price ranges. In this paper, Jinan Changhong container room manufacturer brings you the differences and precautions of different materials of container movable board room.
      In recent years, container mobile house has been widely used. It can not only be used as a temporary house, but also be used as a container to load goods. It has been favored by users in many fields. If the container mobile house adopts polystyrene sandwich board, we need to pay attention to fire prevention. The construction personnel shall not install it near the fire source. If it is used as a temporary residence, fire prevention equipment shall be equipped when heating in winter. The water and electricity pipelines used in the container mobile room shall use metal pipes to avoid accidents in the later stage. In addition to fire prevention, we should also pay attention to lightning rods. If the roof tiles of container mobile houses are less than 0.6mm.
      If the container mobile house adopts color steel plate, its performance is better than polystyrene sandwich board. The overall structure is simple and has strong wind and rain resistance. At present, most of the temporary construction houses used on the ground use color steel plates, because the performance of living houses is higher than that of loading mobile houses. If it is in a strong wind area, users need to install angle steel on the top and wall of the container mobile house to drill the tail line.
      The light steel structure of container mobile house should pay attention to that the model of sandalwood bar should not be too small. After construction, attention shall also be paid to the connection and reinforcement of each part. At the same time, attention should be paid to waterproof. The curing agent can be applied at the joint of the container mobile room to prevent rainwater from entering the container mobile room when the rainy season comes, resulting in people being unable to live and goods getting wet.
      If you have high requirements for living in container movable houses, you can choose products with better manufacturing technology. On the one hand, they will be used for a longer time, on the other hand, they will feel more at home, and there will be no various problems that are not suitable for living.
      The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan container, which I hope will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.allmuro.com